What is your favourite colour?

A natural reflex is to say orange as my hair was that colour when I was a child, but I do not think that is true now. The only way would be for me to have all the colours laid out in front of me and then to choose, even then I think my choice would be more than one colour. A single colour on its own still needs its surrounding or the support it sits on to make it work. A colour needs others which support and contrast with it, in order to work.

What do you see as the difference, if any, between the value of a work and its worth?

There is a difference. The price of a work of art is a sore subject for most artists. In fact most of the time the cost of a work of art has nothing to do with the artist. It has a lot to do with the gallery and art dealing world, and how big their slice will be. To me a lot of what I do is priceless. If I could I would keep everything. Buying a work of art isn't like doing the weekly shop, you are buying part of someone, part of their creativity. Their thoughts, emotions, expressions and description in whatever medium they choose to work. What you get is a glimpse of how they see the world. How they interpret the world and reproduce it. This is a magical thing.

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