Do you expect others to view your art in the same way as yourself or do you prefer there to be a variety of interpretations?

I expect no-one will ever view my work the way I do. That's the creator's eye and passion; it can never be duplicated even by the person closest to them. You as the creator of a work of art have in your power to provide access to the work. Some place icons or motifs within their work which give or have a specific meaning, for some artists all they give the viewer is the title.

With strongly abstract art, art with no discernable subject matter, this is often the only clue given to the original meaning. Understanding art is a very tricky thing. Even artists themselves can have trouble understanding the work they have produced.

I think subject matter is key, when debating or interpreting a work of art. Even though some of my nude studies may sometimes be hard to decipher in terms of the structure of the figure, I would hope that the thick impasto technique and the very visible strokes of the brush carving across the picture plane would be enough to give the meaning away.

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