What do you think about when painting?

I try to think before I paint. I have never been able to consciously think whilst I am painting, it doesn't work for me. So I go through phases instead, phases of working and then thinking and then working again. I used to spend hours thinking about the next layer I was going to put on my canvases. I would then spend ages mixing the perfect ink to work with and when everything was ready for that moment of the creative act I would stop, think and then when really sure I would act. Then once the work was done, printing or brush stroke, I would tidy up and then look at the work, and you guessed it, start thinking again.

What kind of stuff do you like to represent in your art?

I would like to represent the possibility of the spiritual world. No, don't switch off. I think that colour has a spirit all of its own and I am far from alone in thinking that it has the power to affect. Sometimes I think the work is presenting the mix of thoughts and ideas and emotions running through my mind. This is part of the individual's spirit. So it is a very, very personal thing, but I would like to think it is possible, even with a personal subject matter, that the work can reach out and affect the viewer.

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