Why are you the kind of artist you are rather than figurative or making sculpture or other creative endeavours?

I grew up drawing; I drew whatever interested me, from fantasy figures to the Cornish landscape around me. I loved to do it. The further I went in education, the more techniques I learnt. But the one passion that has never left me was the love of colour. Which is funny because I never really explored the use of colour until I was doing my A levels.

Naturally I was drawn to the abstract expressionists, and I don't think I have ever actually gotten over them. Can anyone? I have tried to avoid becoming a clichéd 'copier' of that era of work, but there is no hiding their influence not only on my work but also the way I think.

If your life shapes your art; does your art shape your life?

Yes. If your life has inspired you to make a work of art and you know that work is good, it really helps you to go on and make more great work. This will ultimately change the way your life is going.

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